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    1 Bed & breakfast in Phuket

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    Tiger Kingdom

    This is the newest Tiger Kingdom branch and for Thailand it feels state-of-the-art. The tiger enclosures are clean and the tigers appear to be well fed. It is a priceless photo op where you can pet a fully grown tiger.

    A unique animal welfare and conservation organization working to rehabilitate unwanted or confiscated gibbons from the pet trade and tourist industry. Great volunteers, interesting information and a worthy cause to donate to!

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    Sabai Corner

    This lovely place has the friendliest staff and one of the most amazing deck views in Phuket. The drinks and food were great and at a good price. It's down a wee side street on the way to the Kata viewpoint. Worth finding!

    The restaurant is fine dining and very well presented. Thai and western food both excellent. A hidden gem in the midst of rural Kathu, well worth the tuc tuc ride.

    This restaurant is a good choice. The food is lovely and delicious. The rate is not expensive. The location is easy to find. The staff can speak English very well and explain the meaning of each dish.

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    Get to Laem Sing Beach

    This is a lovely, small beach between Kamala and Surin Beach. The water is nice and clear with small sets of waves breaking which add to the fun. There are also plenty of deck chairs in nice shady areas.

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