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    4 Bed & breakfasts in Launceston

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    Launceston Steam Railway

    A lovingly restored Victorian small steam-train takes you through a delightful Cornish valley. Only a five mile trip, but a pleasant one, and there is a farm park you can visit at the end of the line (extra charge) and a tearooms and museum at the station.

    Good old fashioned fun aimed at toddlers and little ones. There is a lot for them to see and do here.

    This is an adventure park that offers great family entertainment. It great whether sunny or rainy! So whatever the weather we recommend this place!

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    The Springer Spaniel

    Everything a good country pub should be, set in a pretty little village just out of Launceston. If that wasn't enough, their menu is divine, exciting, fresh, local and absolutely deservedly award winning!

    We found a great coffee here and had to have three! Highly recommend.

    Wholesome home-cooking style meals with fresh seasonal local produce. Excellent vegetarian selections and fantastic fair-trade coffee.

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    The 'terrible' castle

    The picturesque ruins of Launceston Castle hold a rather dark history. It is described as Castle Terrible in the Morte d’Arthur, and public executions were held on the grounds right up until the nineteenth century.