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    3 Bed & breakfasts in Truro

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    Poppy Cottage Garden

    A beautiful one acre private garden with a huge variety of flowers, and shrubs in different 'rooms' - and also a collection of rare fowl. Delicious home made cakes and drinks are available from a small cafe to enjoy in the garden. Well worth a visit!

    There are really are quite amazing flower beds in this park. There is a duck pond which is lovely for the kids to feed the ducks!

    A lovely building with truly amazing stained glass windows. Well worth a wonder around. There's a little cafe out the back too.

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    Secret Garden Cafe

    A perfect foodie mix of healthy/vegetarian/organic/seasonal and deliciously decadent. Also has a lovely outside dining area for summer.

    Deliciously amazing fresh fruit juices! They do a lot of homebaking too! This is a great place for lunch and well worth a visit!

    Lovely seafood cafe! There is sometimes live music here on Sundays. Fresh food and friendly staff! Highly recommend!

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    Truro is well known for it's Cathedral, Georgian architecture and cobbled streets!