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    8 Bed & breakfasts in Carlisle

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    Carlisle Castle

    This was a great visit we had and Carlisle Castle is a beautiful building with a lot of very interesting history. We highly recommend a visit here if in Carlisle.

    The views and the history along this wall are quite breath taking! Great Roman history and we can definitely recommend this as an interest to all ages.

    We were dragged here by my dad, who loves war-type things, but even I had a great time here. The place is very well set out, and the planes and, photos and parts are interesting, with plenty of information and facts.

    No matter what religion you are (or aren't) this 900 year-old cathedral is an awe-inspiring experience. The whole place is so beautiful, especially the unique ceiling and the Runic inscriptions. Entry is free, though it's politely encouraged that you leave a donation, and there are many events and ceremonies held every day.

    This is a great place to come for a very peaceful walk and relaxation! Great for taking the dogs out as well as a family picnic.

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    The Old Engine House

    Set in a beautiful old fire engine building, we had fantastic coffee and cake here for brunch. The staff were very friendly and helped us choose our itinerary for the day.

    A beautiful, intimate little place with a superb a la carte menu, as well as a 3 course set menu special. It is only open weekends and bookings are absolutely essential.

    Great fish and chips!!! We will be going again as it was friendly and most importantly it was seriously delicious!

    This is a great place to stop off at! The prices are great and there is a big choice on the menu - highly recommend!

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    Michaux Forest

    If you're really interested in war history or just like the forest, this is a great place to explore and you can find the crumbling ruins of a secret prisoner of war camp for German U-boat crews.

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