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    Brixham Harbour

    A real tourist attractions and the hub of the town. It's seriously pretty and still continues to be one of the busiest fishing trawler ports in the UK!

    A lovely sea pool and great for the whole family. There a little cafe there too so it is worth spending a bit of time here!

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    Simply Fish

    Great fish and chips right on Brixham Harbour. Take away or eat in they are lovely and the fish is caught locally and cooked freshly with really impressed us.

    Best ice-cream here and the staff are really fun and friendly! Recommend for cooling off on a hot day!

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    Annual Pirate Festival in Brixham

    In summer the Cowtown carnival is held, a reminder of when Brixham was two separate communities with only a marshy lane to connect them. Cowtown was the area on top of the hill where the farmers lived, while a mile away in the harbour was Fishtown where the seamen lived. During the festival there is an annual Pirate day where Brixham locals and tourists dress as Pirates.