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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Exeter

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    Powderham Castle

    A historical Castle still lived in by the family and has been for hundreds of years. Tour guide great and we really did have a fantastic day!

    One of the oldest cathedrals in England! You can go and listen to the choir for free and the sound is something else. Great if you love historical buildings!

    Bikes, Canoe and Kayak hire. A great way to see the city by all three modes of transport! Highly recommend!

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    The Galley

    This is a wonderful restaurant with amazing seafood! We would highly recommend, perfect cooking and a great service as well.

    A lovely light and airy barn serving delicious food, cider and cream teas. We love this place as it's unique with lovely views over the vineyard.

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Great burgers and quick service. Go... it's worth it!

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    An Ancient Town

    Archeological evidence indicates that there has been a settlement at Exeter since at least 250 BC! During the Roman occupation of Britain, it was an important trading center and the most south-eastern fortified settlement.