2 Bed & breakfasts in Lynton

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    Lyn Valley Art and Crafts

    This is a lovely little place where 50 makers get together to sell their products. It's worth a look round and there are some great gift things here!

    Absolutely stunning and breath taking views. The wildlife is just amazing too! in one day you can see the most incredible wildlife.

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    The Greenhouse Restaurant

    Really cool place with lovely food and staff. If possible sit outside, it's a nice dining area to see the world go by.

    Visited the Oak rooms on recommendation while staying in Lynton. An interesting restaurant that serves Tapas in the evening and tea and cake in the afternoon.

    What a charming surprise this place was. Unassuming and down to earth the real star is the home made food. The staff are friendly and the helpings are very generous indeed. It's not open on Fridays.

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    Twin Towns

    The town of Lynton is twinned with Bénouville in France