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    6 Bed & breakfasts in Paignton

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    Compton Castle

    A delightful small castle and formal garden about four miles out of town. Admittedly not as impressive as other National Trust properties, it is still worth a couple of hours of your time to visit - particularly if you are a National Trust member.

    The gardens here are stunning! You can loose yourself here for a couple of hours!

    A lovely park with a great green space for kids to run around in or have a picnic in!

    A surprisingly large zoo for the area - plan on a whole day to see it properly. Has pretty much every species of animal you could wish for - lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant, kangaroo, orangutan, gorilla, you name it!

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    Victorian Times tea and coffee shop

    Lovingly decorated with authentic Victorian furniture and vintage memorabilia, with friendly staff and pleasant classical ambient music, the Victorian Times specialize in a very reasonably priced Victorian high tea that is to die for.

    Wow the best steak restaurant we have been to! This place is hidden down a lane but is well worth finding to eat at!

    A tearoom set in a beautiful garden with sea views, hidden away at the quiet residential end of Paignton beach. Fantastic coffee and homemade cakes, as well as their specialty cream tea.

    A cafe by day with a lovely garden out back and a bistro by night with a broad selection including set menu specials, and a perfectly succinct wine list.

    Superb food! The thai food here is authentic (I've been to Thailand and this is the real deal) and seriously good. Highly recommend!

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    Home of the Pudding Eaters

    People who live in Paignton were historically called 'Pudding Eaters', most likely because of a medieval tradition where the town would cook a giant pudding to be distributed to the poor. The practice died out, but has been revived four times since the 1800's, most recently in 2006.

    Torbay Area

    Paignton is within the Torbay area, a holiday destination known as the English Riviera!