8 Bed & breakfasts in Swanage

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    Old Harry Rocks

    There are good walks to view these rocks on all angles. The rock structure is very beautiful. To me is compares to the 12 Apostles on Great Ocean Road in Australia.

    We decided to do something completely different and give horse riding a go! We rode down on the beach and had a great time. The horse I rode was very sweet and calm, and it was good to see that all the horses were happy and looked after well.

    A very relaxed golf course for all the family. It's very fun and great for all ages! Highly recommend.

    This is a lovely country park. There is a nice visitors centre as well as lovely walks around the place. The entry is free into the park however there is a charge to park there. Highly recommend.

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    This place is a real treat! If you love chocolate you must got here. From make your own sundaes to pick your own chocolates this place is awesome!

    The Globe Inn Restaurant

    A friendly pub with great beer and great food - what more could you ask for? The building is old but very well looked after and presented.

    A cool little place run by a husband and wife team. We had dinner here and everything was delicious, cooked with fresh, local stock.

    Gorgeously quirky vintage decor, proper afternoon high teas and 'fancy' versions of traditional cafe lunch items. They are also fully licensed if you are after something a bit more relaxing than a cuppa!

    This place is great absolutely no complaints as the fish was seriously fresh and crumbled in our mouth and our chips were crisp and not soggy.

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    Swanage Sandwich

    We found out Swanage was once known, amongst all things, as Sandwich!

    Swanage's History

    Swanage used to be a traditional Victorian holiday resort. It's seriously beautiful, set in a bay and is very sheltered from the Ballard Downs.