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    13 Bed & breakfasts in Weymouth

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    Bennetts Water Gardens

    This is a beautiful well kept gardens with lots of lily ponds' it is just stunning! We highly recommend a walk round here it is so relaxing!

    This is a beautiful old castle. The building itself is of stunning 16th century architecture and the garden as seriously well maintained. I wonderful day tippping place!

    This was awesome! We've never seen anything like it - the boys were awe-struck by the massive sculptures and the intricate designs. It's amazing to know that only sand and water is used, and the sculptures are surprisingly weather resistant.

    We all had a great time exploring the labyrinth of underground tunnels and rooms, especially trying to cope with rationing and the school they had down there! There were plenty of activities and interactive things for the kids to do too, they loved it just as much as we did.

    This place is just brilliant! The staff were seriously friendly and could not do enough for us. The slope is perfect and we really did have such a laugh!

    Places To Eat

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    The Monkey’s Fist

    A charming and cozy wee restaurant in Hope Square. The menu is not extensive, but everything on it looked superb and there should be something for most people's taste.

    Guess who found this place? Delighted squeals announced our proximity, and we were practically dragged into the store! The same recipe has been used for over 60 years, and the ice creams we had were delicious. There are so many flavours available, it was very difficult to choose.

    Real home made pies... yum! There were so many to choose from and we all enjoyed our meals. Pro tip: Don't have the Sweeney Todd movie soundtrack stuck in your head while there!

    A place we call an 'all rounder' in other words its, service, food and atmosphere were great! We loved this place!

    Homemade deliciousness! This place rocks and you can't beat a good burger! Highly recommend! You must go!

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    Weymouth Holidays

    Great place for all the family, beaches, activities and so much to do!

    Facts about Weymouth

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    A lot of sand

    Over 2,000 tonnes of sand at Sandworld - straight from Weymouth beach.