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    7 Bed & breakfasts in Bridlington

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    Bridlington Priory Church

    Beautiful high ceilings, a rich history and a serene atmosphere - we had a lovely time wandering wound and marveling at the beautiful paintings and artwork inside.

    Formerly the entrance to the Augustinian Priory, the museum hosts a number of great exhibits, life sized figurines and interactive games. All sorts of artifacts live here and tell the story of the history of Bridlington as well as rooms like the prison, kitchen, court room, and military room.

    This is a great place to walk around the lighthouse. There is a lovely little cafe here too! Highly recommend!

    We were recommended to come here and we are so glad we did. Great place! Friendly staff and a wonderful thing to do while in Bridlington.

    Lovely lovely beach. There is a small fee for parking in the car park and then it's a short walk to the beach. HIghly recommend!

    Places To Eat

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    What a fantastic place! Anton the chef is a delight to talk to and his creations are absolutely divine. Massive portions for a minimal price. The place was busy when we arrived (don't forget to book) but we were served quickly and expertly.

    We had a fabulous little meal here, washed down with the famous Yorkshire tea. The food was great value and hearty, perfect for the sub-standard weather outside!

    Not strictly in Bridlington, but well worth a visit! The farms shop has almost everything you could imagine and the tea rooms has a standard yet superb selection (sandwiches, scones, stuffed potatoes etc.).

    A delightful old-fashioned cafe/tearooms, but with an emphasis on organic and low-mile ingredients as well as plenty of meat/dairy/gluten-free options that don't compromise on tastiness!

    Fantastic chipper here! You must go - fresh fish and very friendly. Not greasy just great!

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    Town Crier

    Taking a leaf from the history book, Bridlington has a town crier that still occasionally calls. He's got a great voice - don't miss out on his proclamations.

    Facts about Bridlington

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    The British Domino Capital

    Up until 2006, the National Dominos and Cribbage Competitions were held annually in Bridlington, often attracting over 1000 teams. But rising costs and falling participant numbers meant it is unfortunately no longer feasible for the council to support the event.