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    9 Bed & breakfasts in Cheltenham

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    Whittington Court

    This is a very beautiful Elizabethan building set in very beautiful gardens! Great place to have a good look around! HIghly recommend!

    Originally one of the first Voluntary Aid Hospitals in Cheltenham, Melissa runs this awesome and informative museum dedicated to educating the public. There are a number of neat artifacts and antiques here, thoroughly recommend.

    This is a nice place to wander and relax. We took a picinic here one afternoon and ate it in font of one of the art deco bridges. There are also a number of aviaries and a well-kept lake.

    A beautiful day out seeing the stunning countryside of the Cotswolds! Fun to be on an old train. Great thing to do! HIghly recommend!

    This is a great place and you must check the website to see what's going on. There is a cafe there too. It's a fun place for all! Great Place!

    Places To Eat

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    The Old Rectory Restaurant

    Located in the quaint village of Colesborne, a few miles out of Cheltenham, the Old Rectory is absolutely delightful both inside and out. The menu is superb with both traditional and more daring choices and there is an excellent wine list to match.

    Homemade baking!! It's seriously good. HIghly recommend this place for all ages - the kids and the oldies! Great place!

    This place's name isn't wrong! Great burgers with fries and a drink. The perfect lunch for weather that wasn't that great. The most expensive burger on the menu was something like £10, but even though it was cheap, everything was delicious.

    A mixture of Turkish and Greek/Mediterranean, we had a great meal here for a reasonable price. We also had the Turkish Coffee and were read our "fortunes" from the bottom of the cup. Mine looked like a car, which apparently means good luck.

    This is GOOD sushi! Delicious and very reasonable - highly recommend!

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    If you like horse racing then Cheltenham usually kicks off the season around the beginning November with "The Opening Meeting' one of the biggest events in the racing calendar.

    Facts about Cheltenham

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    This is a great place - it's proven!

    According to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Cheltenham is the best place in the UK to raise a family, and the Guardian has found that there are over 40 multi-millionaires living in Cheltenham.