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    The Garlic Farm

    Who knew garlic could be so... interesting? We took a tour around the farm and had a great garlic meal in the restaurant. As one person said - "there's no vampires here"!

    This is a fun place, a typical English entertainment pier. We took a look around the arcade and funfair, and had a quick game of indoor golf before enjoying an ice cream and coffee. A great way to spend a couple of hours.

    We had a great afternoon wandering around this great zoo. It was good to see that all the enclosures are clean and the animals are well looked after and happy. The big cats were magnificent, especially Nahla, who was playful and active.

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    Culver Haven Inn

    A typical country inn with wonderful views of the Island. The weather wasn't great so it was good to be able to sit next to the fire! Everyone was looked after, even the dogs that were bought in by other customers.

    The best Guinness in Sandown! We had a delicious pork roast for dinner as the sun was setting. Another great place close to the beach.

    A true little shack, we had a great lunch here sitting in the sun and looking out to the water. The food was great, they crush and mix all the spices on site.

    Wonderful, breakfast, lunch and coffee stop right across from the beast. Great selection and we saw a full english breakfast come out of the kitchen and it looked amazing!

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    Old Sandown

    Sandown has been a holiday retreat since the Victorian age due to the beautiful sands and sunny wearer compared to other parts of the UK.