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    Shanklin Chine

    This is Shanklin's oldest attraction, and for good reason. This is a beautiful leafy valley and nature trail. We had a great walk through an the boys loved the nature hide, a kid's area about the Chine and its history, as well as seeing red squirrel on the live camera.

    Beautiful thatched buildings and cottages, this is a great area to explore. The boys loved the thatched roofs and we wandered through for quite a while, admiring everything.

    It's true what they say about this place - it really is more than a fossil shop. We ventured in and stayed for quite a while, talking to Jim while the boys explored. Jim has been fossil hunting for over 50 years and his knowledge is very impressive!

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    The Waterfront Inn Restaurant

    After a morning on the beach, we popped in here for a light lunch and were blown away by the quality of the food and service. The kid's meals were well portioned for a fraction of the price, and our meals were the same.

    The Strawberry Thatch Restaurant

    What a treat, we enjoyed an early dessert of cakes and ice cream, much to the boy's delight, all enjoyed on the picnic tables outside.

    We had a great dinner here after exploring the Chine. The boys loved their fish and chips, as did we. Great family atmosphere, friendly staff. Highly recommend.

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    Holiday Place

    Shanklin is a great holiday location. If you need further info check out this website:

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    Darwin's delight

    Charles Darwin himself stayed at the Waterfront Inn, then named The Norfolk House Hotel. It was 1858, and he was 49, visiting the seaside for its curative properties. Cool!