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    10 Bed & breakfasts in Ambleside

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    Rydal Mount & Gardens

    Located a couple of miles out of Ambleside, this gorgeous house was the home of William Wordsworth for 37 years. His family still live here and the house contains many of his personal items. The beautiful large garden is almost unchanged from when it was first designed by Wordsworth himself.

    A small but quality local museum, with permanent exhibits that include Beatrix Potter drawings, an original King James bible and many local paintings and artifacts.

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    Sheila's Cottage Restaurant & Tearooms

    A cute wee restaurant hidden away in an old traditional slate building down a quiet lane in the center of town. The menu is unadventerous, but tasty and made with mostly local ingredients. They also serve a nice range of locally brewed beers.

    Amazing food, cozy ambiance and impeccable service. A little more pricey than other dining options in Ambleside, but worth it!

    Mostly Italian fare, but with a wide enough menu to keep everyone happy, including children and vegetarians - and mostly made using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

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    William Wordsworth Lived Here

    William Wordsworth lived just out of Ambleside at Rydal Mount and worked here as a Distributor of Stamps (a kind of tax collector).