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    11 Bed & breakfasts in Keswick

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    Cumberland Pencil Museum

    This small tribute to Keswick's long and proud history of pencil manufacturing is on the site of the original Derwent pencil factory. Surprisingly interesting even if pencil's aren't your 'thing', but a mandatory visit for anyone who wants to cross seeing the world's largest coloured pencil off their bucket list.

    A great little local museum with exhibits on Keswick's natural and social history. The jewel of the museum's collection is the Musical Stones of Skiddaw. The art gallery contains a collection of paintings from around the Lake District.

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    Laura in the Lakes

    An amazing little cafe/deli with all the usual counter fare made fresh on the premises. Great value and generally scrumptious. They also have a good range of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

    Mostly just traditional English pub fare (pies, burgers, fish & chips etc.), but made to perfection with fresh locally sourced ingredients. They also serve some great local cask ales.

    Specialising in traditional wood-fired pizzas and beautifully cooked Cumbrian prime beef steaks, Woodstone also has most family friendly favourites (kebabs, burgers etc.).

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    Home of the Pencil

    The discovery of a large deposit of graphite near Keswick in the early 16th Century led to the invention of the modern pencil and for many years the town was the world epicenter of pencil production.