17 Bed & breakfasts in Blackpool

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    Madame Tussauds Blackpool

    This was a lot of fun! Despite the figures being scarily life-like, we had a great time looking around and posing with our favourite people.

    This is the UK's biggest and best circus. It is great old fashioned yet modern circus. We had the BEST time and highly recommend.

    There is a lot to do at Pleasure Beach however The Big One is the thrill of all thrills! We were terrified and it being the UK largest roller coaster at 235ft high it really was a thrill!!!

    Brilliant visit to the zoo and we really did have the best day out. The kids absolutely loved it! Highly recommend going here for the day!

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    The Willows Coffee House

    No nonsense British fare - Barms, toasties, jacket spuds, full English breakfasts etc. All well made and very reasonably priced.

    Best fish and chips in Blackpool! We go here all the time when we come to Blackpool, seriously delicious! Highly recommend!

    The ice cream here is to die for. This vanilla flavour has been in production from the same premises for over 70 years! You'll regret missing out on this one.

    Nothing short of superb! This place is great and we the food and service are great! Highly recommend.

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    For treasure hunters and history buffs

    Lancashire's largest lake, Martin Mere, is said to be the last known home of King Arthur's sword "Excalibur". Exciting!


    Blackpool is the UK's most visited holiday resort!