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    York Castle Museum

    The name is slightly misleading as the museum isn't actually in York Castle or even directly related to it, but is housed in old prison buildings that were built on the site of the former castle. That being said, it is an absolutely fantastic museum, telling the history of the area with some amazing interactive displays.

    York Minster is an absolutely amazing building - one of the largest cathedrals in Europe with a number of historically and artistically important stained glass windows. While you can visit the Minster as an attraction (including exhibits on the history of York and complimentary tours), it is also a living church where you can attend beautiful services.

    Scarborough Castle has a rich 3000 year history as an Iron Age Fort, Roman and Viking settlement and a medieval castle starting in the reign of Henry II. It has lovely grounds and amazing views of the Yorkshire coast, and be sure to check out the graveyard where Anne Bronte is buried.

    Lovely gardens, lawns, wooded areas and children's play area right near the center of Whitby. Pannett Park is also the home of Pannett Art Gallery and Whitby Museum.

    A small museum located in the beautiful seventeenth century Walker House on Whitby Harbour, where James Cook lodged as apprentice. May not be great for children or those expecting more interactive museum experiences, but for people with a genuine love of maritime history or appreciation for old artifacts or documents, a very pleasant visit.

    Places To Eat

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    An intimate, friendly establishment with outdoor seating and a view of the city walls. By the day it is a cafe serving light lunches, daily specials and homemade cakes. By evening it is a bistro, with a small but perfectly balanced and tasty menu that is constantly changing to reflect what is seasonally fresh.

    “Tea, Cake and all things lovely” is the very apt by-line for Me & Mrs. Fisher. Not just a café serving cakes, sweet treats and light meals, but also a gift-shop selling local handmade wares and even a small haberdashery with both vintage and new designer fabrics and sewing paraphernalia. They also hold regular craft classes.

    Rustique specialises in traditional, rustic, French bistro style cooking, using fresh local ingredients. They have a fantastic selection of meat and seafood dishes, but not so much choice for vegetarians.

    A beautiful garden to sit in on sunny days, friendly attentive staff and absolutely scrumptious food. Bookings are not essential but maybe wise over summer if you don't want to be disappointed.

    Calf Cafe is completely vegan, selling delicious animal-friendly versions of most standard cafe fare at very reasonable prices. Not only this, but the place is run completely by volunteers, with all profits helping to fund an animal sanctuary.

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    Visit The Stray

    The Stray is a stretch of several acres of common land that surrounds the south and west side of Harrogate town centre. It's a great place for a picnic or walk.

    Guided Tour Walks

    A great way to see the old and even older building is to get a guided tour of the city of York! Great, interesting and fun!

    Try to be in town for Whitby Goth Weekend

    The Whitby Goth Weekend is a Gothic music festival that has been held in Whitby for over 20 years and is now held twice yearly in April and October. For several days Whitby is over-run with goths, steampunks and various other dandys dressed to the nines, and the town takes on the appearance of a Tim Burton film set.

    Facts about North Yorkshire

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    The birthplace of Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes, the most famous member of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and perpetual bonfire victim, was born in York in 1570.

    The setting for Dracula

    The author Bram Stoker regularly holidayed in Whitby, and it is here that he set much of the non-Transylvanian parts of his famous horror novel. It is also supposed that the ruins of Whitby Abbey were the inspiration for Dracula's castle.

    The world's largest railway bench seat

    The bench seat on Platform 1 of Scarborough Railway Station is the longest platform seat in the world.