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    8 Bed & breakfasts in Harrogate

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    Brimham Rocks and Moor

    A wild and beautiful setting that has the benefit of being well visited. The cafe has good hot food and nice staff. The enviroment is intriguing to say the least and there are surprises round every corner.

    The gardens are magical at any time of the year and extremely well managed and looked after as you would expect in Harrogate. In the centre is the wonderful Sun Pavilion and venue.

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    Deano's graze & grill

    A friendly place with great home cooked food. I recommend the Chefs Choice which is a nibbles board plus 5 tapas dishes. Great value and more than enough for two.

    This restaurant is a cafe during the day but at night it is transformed into a restaurant. The menu is limited to 8 choices of dishes using local produce plus two desserts. There is also a tasting menu with matching drinks. All of it is amazing and the staff are very proud of their friendly restaurant and food. As they should be.

    A really nice local pub run by a local family. Great food and service in a buzzy friendly atmosphere. It's incredibly busy so if you want to enjoy a meal it's best to book.

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    Visit The Stray

    The Stray is a stretch of several acres of common land that surrounds the south and west side of Harrogate town centre. It's a great place for a picnic or walk.

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