25 Bed & breakfasts in Northumberland

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    Formerly a roman military post on the northern frontier of Britain. Vindolanda is the home of Britain's 'Top Treasure' - the Vindolanda Writing Tablets - and is one Europe's most important Roman archeological sites. The excavations on this site are remarkable. The layout of the ancient town and its buildings and their uses are very interesting. Well worth the entry fee.

    Bird Centre with over 75 birds of prey from around the world. It's located in the middle of Northumberland's National Park. There's a Visitor Centre open every day from 11am and a nice wee picnic area.

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    Danielles' Bistro

    This is thought to be the best restaurant in the area by locals, and I can see why. Incredible food and very attentive staff. A really good lunch 'specials' menu - 2 courses for £10.

    This gem of a bistro has been in Hexham for over 7 years. As soon as you walk in, it oozes character, and feels like a real French bistro. The interior is authentic and the overall ambience was perfect. The menu was not huge, simple and offering really tempting food.

    This place tick all the boxes. Great food, knowledgeable and friendly staff, well stocked bar and child friendly. A real pleasure to find it.

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    Check out Hexham Abbey

    This former medieval abbey was built late in the 7th century. Donations for entry so you decide the price. It's very impressive and worth a visit

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