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    4 Bed & breakfasts in Bath

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    Roman Baths Museum

    The Roman Baths are at the heart of the world heritage site, which secured its designation not only because of the baths, but also the environmental setting. Both are beautiful to see, full of history and rich in story.

    West of England Falconry is a charity run 'Hawk Walk' out of a small private residence 15 minutes drive from Bath Centre. It's not open to the public so you must book in advance.

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    Colonna and Small's Speciality Coffee

    A beautifully presented coffee house. Great coffee and cakes with a nice atmosphere. The staff take their job very seriously, could even be seen as pretentious. Well worth the visit.

    A beautifully presented coffee house. The coffee and cakes were very good, but the staff were a bit pretentious. Gave me a funny look for wanting sugar in my Flat White. Still, well worth the visit.

    You need to book weeks if not months ahead particularly for a weekend visit but it is so worth the wait. The food is incredible and prepared just meters away from your table by Gordon and his team.

    Amazing amazing italian restaurant. Very hard to book a table due to its popularity. The food, service and atmosphere are flawless.

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    Visit Royal Victoria Park

    Royal Victoria Park has beautiful gardens, a fantastic playground for kids, with a flying fox and is in the centre of town. A nice place to relax without having to spend any money.

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