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    Shepton Mallet

    5 Bed & breakfasts in Shepton Mallet

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    Kilver Court Gardens

    These gardens are small but meticulously maintained and laid out. Stunning when the sun shines and set under a large railway viaduct which adds to the ambience of the place. I thought well worth the fiver entry fee.

    It's not often I view a shop as an attraction but this place is incredible. The reptiles and fish are well cared for and the enclosures are really well put together and clean. A cool place to visit weather you keep reptiles or not.

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    A really nice, cosy restaurant. The food great and the service very fast and friendly. Highly recommended.

    Although the decor is simple the fish and chips are amazing. Beautifully cooked and large portions. Reasonably priced and friendly, competent staff.

    Usually good quality food and good variety of wines and beers/cider. It gets very busy, even mid week, so book if you can.

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    The birthplace of English lager

    Brewing became a major industry in Shepton Mallet during the late 19th Century and the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery (1864-1921) was the first in England to brew lager. Nowadays, however, the town is more renowned for its cider.