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    6 Bed & breakfasts in Taunton

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    The Museum of Somerset

    Home to the museum for over 100 years, the 12th century Taunton castle is a sight to behold in itself. The museum tells the country's story, from prehistoric times through medieval and Victorian through to present day.

    With a water wheel, old shops and Victorian kitchen, this is a beautiful step back in time. Everything is very well preserved and authentic, and it was great to hear that all proceeds raised by the patrons there are donated to five charities in the region.

    A lovely walk or cycle along side the Taunton Canal. HIghly recommend this as an activity!

    This is a really interesting place where you get to see how willow is grown, harvested and made into baskets, furniture, fencing etc.. Great place and very interesting! Highly recommend.

    Such a beautiful historical building garden owned and maintained by The National Trust. Enjoy a peaceful walk around some beautiful flowers. Great for all ages as the kids can feed the ducks at the pond!

    Places To Eat

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    Daisy Cottage Tea Rooms

    A really lovely old-fashioned tea rooms with absolutely delicious counter food and fresh seasonal lunch specialties. Also excellent coffee and proper loose-leaf tea.

    Delicious food and such a lovely pub in the old english style. Great place for all the family!

    Wonderful French cuisine, the owner Simon and his staff are great - friendly and happy. The pork here is to die for. Seriously. Next to the open fire we enjoyed our delicious meal and were looked after very well.

    Gurkha 3 Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

    You know how sometimes you eat waaay too much but even though your stomach hurts, everything you ate was so good that it was worth it? This is like that. A great meal, cooked to perfection, from starters to dessert.

    Excellent food and excellent service. We love Thai and eat out regularly and this place was great! Highly recommend!

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    A long history

    Taunton town has over 1,000 years of both military and religious history, you can still see many beautiful churches that dot the landscape.

    Facts about Taunton

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    Taunton Flower Show

    Every year Taunton has an annual Flower show and has done since 1866!