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    East Lothian

    4 Bed & breakfasts in East Lothian

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    The Lodge Grounds, North Berwick

    Family fun with a great play park in the centre of North Berwick. Smell the many different roses or lavender in the grounds and walk under some seriously old oak trees.

    Climb the Law in North Berwick for the most fabulous views over the coast and towards Edinburgh. There are wild ponies roaming around the place which is just gorgeous! The path is steep but suitable for young children and older adults. HIghly recommend.

    The beaches in North Berwick are really lovely. The one on Melbourne Road has rock pools near the Sea Bird centre and has a knee high sea pool perfect for kids. Highly recommend a stroll along here and there is always an icecream van selling locally handmade icecream along here too!

    Really informative and interesting. Brilliant for kids as there are cameras that the kids can play with and move around that are linked to actual cameras on the surrounding islands giving realtime viewing of seabirds. Well worth a visit!

    Places To Eat

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    Herringbone is a hard place to pin down. Open nearly all day, with an equal emphasis on good food, good coffee and a good selection of beers and wines, it's unsure whether they're more a cafe, bar or restaurant. They're also a bit too fancy and contemporary to really be considered a local, but popular with the locals none-the-less. They are fairly pricey, but that seems standard in North Berwick, and if you are here for a meal, then their ribs are outstanding.

    AMAZING cakes! A must for a treat! Perfect for a yummy before or after a walk along the brilliant Gullane Beach.

    Great for an eat in a cosy pub style restaurant in winter or outdoors in a large beer garden in summer. Brilliant Club sandwiches!

    The oldest public house in Gullane and dating back to the 17th Century! Great pub grub and a great place for a beverage with south facing views over the hills of the Borders. Affectionately known as 'the old clubbie' by locals.

    By far the busiest eatery in North Berwick with people spilling out onto the street eating their fish suppers!

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    Kids Golf

    The famous Gullane Golf Course has a kids course that is free to use for all in the centre of the village. Even if your not a golfer it's fun to get involved and have a go in a village where this sport is life!

    August in Gullane

    During the end of July, beginning of August Gullane hosts the Gullane games. A week long programme of fun from Tennis Competitions, Cricket matches, Golf, Sandcastle Competition, Junior Disco on the Green and Adult Quiz night followed by the grand finale of a whole day on the green with running races, bouncy castles, bbq and cream teas. Great fun!

    Getting to North Berwick

    Trains run every half an hour from Edinburgh Waverley Train Station. The North Berwick station is within walking distance of the main High Street.

    Facts about East Lothian

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    All Year Round Destination

    Gullane is famous for golf. There are 4 major courses around the village. Gullane hosts the famous Open Tournament every 4 years.

    Gullane Bents

    A Bent is place where grass grows; a sandy hillock or a stretch of open ground. Gullane Bents is a large grassy area where vegetation has grown on sand soil right before the dunes and beach.