15 Bed & breakfasts in Fife

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    Falkland Palace & Garden

    Incredible history behind this palace. The grounds are worth a visit alone. The gardens host the oldest Royal tennis court in Britain, built for King James the V. Highly recommend.

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    Iain J Mellis Cheesemongers

    The famous Edinburgh deli is also in Edinburgh. Great for picking up something for a picnic or dinner. The smell of cheese literally drifts out the front door tempting you in! Highly recommend!

    Lovely rustic cafe up a farm track just outside Falkland. Great farm shop with a lot of variety.

    Great place to eat and drink with a brilliant outdoor seating area across the road right on the beach. In the summer months a bbq is going where you can buy 110% scottish beef burgers and drink beer in the sun.

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    Moscow and Labrador, Newfoundland are on the same latitude as St Andrews but winters in St Andrews are not as cold!

    Studying in St Andrews

    St Andrews houses the oldest University in Scotland and the third oldest in the UK. Past famous students Prince William and Kate Middleton met at university here.

    True Gem

    Falkland is a true gem in Fife. It is really beautiful with little houses and cobble streets. The Palace is incredible. Great place to visit.