Isle of Skye

    3 Bed & breakfasts in Isle of Skye

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    Skye Serpentarium

    This is quite small and run for the love of serpents rather than as a zoo. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about their residents.

    The workshop is small but full of beautiful candles, with a lovely scent. The owner/candle-maker was busily making candles when I arrived but greeted me warmly and chatted, whilst he worked.

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    The Small & Cosy Teahouse

    If you want to have yourselves great, cakes, scones and tea this is the place to go. Nice inside, real china cups, great selection of teas and goodies to die for. The shop closes for the winter starting late Sept/early Oct.

    Very simple menu, playing on the strengths of the area - good cheeses, fish, meat and salads, plus great home baking and good quality coffee. Really cosy surroundings, with nice art on the walls.

    This place is about 1/4 mile down a single-track road from the main road, but worth finding. Great food and staff. Nice atmosphere and cool art and trinkets hanging up, which is for sale.

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    Visit Faerie Glen

    Well worth a trip here while on Skye. Fantastic to explore around all about all the small hills and rock formations. Just make sure you check the location on a map first, as it is not signposted.

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