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    5 Bed & breakfasts in Jedburgh

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    The ruins are well preserved and there are grounds to walk around and take in the atmosphere. Lots of information boards and a Souvenir shop. It's not far from Jedburgh. Reasonable entrance fee.

    Jedbrough Jail is situated on the edge of town. There is parking but is easy to reach on foot. Free entry to what is a really good museum. Very informative and worth spending a couple of hours.

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    Clock Tower Bistro

    I was recommended this place by a local, and how lucky. Great food, good wine list and superb staff. Highly re-recommend.

    This is about 3 miles out of Jedburgh but plenty of parking for a medium sized restaurant. The staff are friendly and efficient and soon after being shown to your table they come with an unusual selection of bread rolls. The menu is large without being enormous, but everything on there looks tempting.

    The menu had a varied list of burgers on it. I had the classic. All ingredients fresh, burger juicy and chips yummy. The landlord is rightly proud of his burgers and their reputation

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    Use the Info Center

    This is a better info centre than most. It's just opposite the Carter's Arms & has info on everything plus a great display and selection of local art and crafts.

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