6 Bed & breakfasts in Sedona

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    Oak Creek Canyon is a beautiful drive, but is also a very lovely and demanding walk. There are a number of stream crossings so be prepared. I recommend using hiking sticks.

    This is a great hike. Not too long, and what a breathtaking sight. The deep red colour of the rock is memorable. If you go in holiday time be prepared to walk from a fairly distant car park.

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    Coffe Pot Restaurant

    The Coffee Pot is hugely popular for a good reason. Their breakfasts are amazing. They serve about 100 varieties of omelette, but for me the Eggs Benedict is the real treat. I like mine with salmon., and they do it perfectly. Great coffee too

    I like a lunch at New York Bagels. The bagels are not huge but they are very good, just like the best of NY, and their salads and sandwich fillings are excellent.

    I really enjoyed my stay in Sedona, partly because of my dinner at Shallots cafe. The food is great. Large courses which my husband says is important. But for me it was just that the food is yummy, and the staff are great.

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    The artistic center of Arizona

    Sedona has had a reputation as artistic destination since the great surrealist painter Max Ernst moved here in 1950, with many more famous artists following. Today there is a thriving artist colony and the city is home to over 40 art galleries.