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    3 Bed & breakfasts in Tucson

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    Reid park Zoo is a 24-acre zoo in the middle of Tucson. The zoo has more than 500 animals. There's a small water park and camel rides.

    Located in Saguaro Forest, this museum is a real treat. It's got all aspects of the deserts - animals, cacti, history etc. There's a zoo and botanical gardens as well.

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    Bison Witches Bar & Deli

    Great service. Great food. The sandwiches are big and the soup is perfect. Good beer choices too.

    It's both comfortable and elegant. The service was good and the food was excellent! A lovely view but you need to book these tables well in advance.

    This is the best pizza place in Tucson. The pizza has a thin crust and there are heaps of interesting combinations for toppings. Super friendly staff and a buzzy atmosphere.

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    Visit Tucson Botanical Gardens

    Named by Reader’s Digest as 'The Best Secret Garden in America.' It has seventeen different specialty gardens. There's a wee railway, shops and a nice cafe.

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