Eureka Springs

    8 Bed & breakfasts in Eureka Springs

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    It is a nice drive to the cave from Eureka Springs, which is a bonus. The cave was fine, well worth the small admission fee. A pleasant outing.

    Thorncrown Chapel is a truly beautiful place. It is so restful and peaceful, set amongst the trees and rocks. Even for people with no Christian belief it must be a special place. It is non-denominational.

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    Oscars is defeinitely one of the best cafes in Eureka Springs. I love their chicken salad. It is a quaint place with a great atmosphere.

    Fresh is one of my all-time fovorite restaurants. The meals are generous, and very tasty. There is a great selection. The place is always buzzing, and Ken is a very good host. Try the eggs benedict.

    What a fantastic place. The meals are enormous. The catfish is superbly cooked. Great staff. I love this place

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    Eureka Springs is a Distinctive Destination

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation has nominated Eureka Springs as one of America's Distinctive Destinations. None of the steep streets winding around the town meet at a right-angle. They just follow the natural contours