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    65 Bed & breakfasts in California

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    Seymour Marine Discovery Center

    The exhibits consist of about a dozen large aquariums featuring Monterrey Bay sea life, and a similar number of interactive ecological learning displays - all nice, but quite modest. Worth hunting out.

    This place must be seen. One of the most diverse and imaginative set of gardens with different types of plants, flowers and landscaping. The guides are very informative and helpful.

    Nice place to visit on a rainy or cold day, as it is an indoor attraction. You won't need more than 3 hours to enjoy the whole Aquarium. Outdoors exhibits include a tidal pool and some wave and wind motion experiments that are great hands on activities for kids.

    The staff, scenery, wine tasting, and horseback ride all come together in this unique place to make the perfect day. Highly recommended.

    This is well restored california mission. The architecture is stunning. A current working church and school with very deep roots in California history. Well worth a visit.

    Places To Eat

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    This is an institution in Santa Barbara having been there for over 46 years. Great food and service with a fun atmosphere. It looks a bit like a fast food place from the outside but this certainly is not the case.

    Great Italian restaurant with a warm welcome. I had a delicious pasta with nice atmosphere and a view to the ocean. Perfect.

    A perfect wee cafe. They have a great selection of desserts, teas, coffees and wines. The atmosphere is amazing with great views of the street below. There is outdoor patio seating front and back.

    The food, service and experience are all top shelf. The upstairs loft is perfect for a private event. I highly recommend this place.

    This is a seriously great place! Good food, good service and a great atmosphere! The food is themed Hawaiian BBQ and is seriously delicious. Try the pineapple spare ribs!

    Traveller Tips

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    Check out Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    A mile of fun and attractions stretching along the edge of a sandy beach with great views and a full range of different rides for all ages.

    Just chill at the Santa Barbara Waterfront

    It has so much to offer including great walkways, sports areas, wonderful water views and fun restaurants.

    Check out the Sea Lions at La Jolla Cove

    This is such a beautiful stretch of beach. If it's calm enough you can kayak through the caves. No matter what the weather you can get close enough to the sea lions to take amazing pictures.

    Go hiking at Indian Canyons

    The Indian Canyons are beautiful and home to the largest natural palm oasis in North America. Several trail choices with relatively easy ones for those who are looking for a leisurely walk.

    Go hiking in the Skyline Wilderness Park

    Hiking is well worth your time, there are great views of the town and an interesting park with a variety of things to do.

    Facts about California

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    Second Most Populous City in Orange County

    Santa Ana is one of the densest populated cities in Orange County, CA. It is ethnically diverse, with a large Hispanic and Latino demographic. It is also the home of John Wayne Airport, expect traffic and all things that come with dense populations.

    One of the Safest Cities in the U.S.

    With one of the lowest recorded crime rates of cities with over 100,000 people, Irvine has been listed as having one of the lowest crime rates in the United States.

    Private Library

    The Mission Viejo Library is privately owned, and is one of the nicest libraries in the area. Enjoy quiet reading nooks among the rustic architecture and stone fireplace.

    Affluent Area

    It's normal to see multiple Hummers driving down the road, many of them custom vehicles with custom lift kits resembling something out of an action flick. The neighborhoods are manicured to perfection, and no pedestrians in sight for the most part (except runners or dog walkers). You need your own car to get around here, but there are plenty of nice little restaurants and upscale shops to pop into.

    Home of the Swallows

    San Juan Capistrano is known as the home of the swallows, and I grew up attending the Swallow's Day Parade, but I never saw an actual swallow until I moved to the Pacific Northwest. Just know that if you go expecting to see flocks of swallows in San Juan Capistrano you may be disappointed. Count yourself lucky to see one!