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    3 Bed & breakfasts in Napa

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    Napa Valley Horse Company

    The staff, scenery, wine tasting, and horseback ride all come together in this unique place to make the perfect day. Highly recommended.

    The museum and grounds are incredible. I tried 'The small bites tasting'. The food and wine pairings were perfect. All at a reasonable price.

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    The food, service and experience are all top shelf. The upstairs loft is perfect for a private event. I highly recommend this place.

    I sat on the enclosed heated patio and the atmosphere of the area is outstanding. A wonderful dining experience with creative food, attentive service and a nice atmosphere.

    Cole's is a beautifully designed restaurant with with a great atmosphere. The food is exceptional - prime steaks, large side dishes, and plenty of other items for non-steak lovers. The wine list is second to none.

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    Go hiking in the Skyline Wilderness Park

    Hiking is well worth your time, there are great views of the town and an interesting park with a variety of things to do.

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