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    Not a large selection of planes with a focus on WWII aircraft. It is located on the grounds of the Palm Springs airport in two hangars with additional aircraft outside. This museum provides a concise historical prospective on the aircraft here and their role in history.

    Getting to the top of the 8500 foot peak is worth the money, it costs around $24. I totally recommend this as a great way to view Palm Springs. You need a good couple of hours and warm clothes.

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    A perfect wee cafe. They have a great selection of desserts, teas, coffees and wines. The atmosphere is amazing with great views of the street below. There is outdoor patio seating front and back.

    Great retro decor and a really buzzy atmosphere. The food and service are astounding, a bit expensive but you do get a live show.

    Nice restaurant in a historical Palm Springs building. As well as the typical steak and seafood, they have several Croatian inspired dishes and wines on their menu.

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    Go hiking at Indian Canyons

    The Indian Canyons are beautiful and home to the largest natural palm oasis in North America. Several trail choices with relatively easy ones for those who are looking for a leisurely walk.

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