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    Santa Barbara

    2 Bed & breakfasts in Santa Barbara

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    This place must be seen. One of the most diverse and imaginative set of gardens with different types of plants, flowers and landscaping. The guides are very informative and helpful.

    This is an exceptional thing to do while in Santa Barbara. Scott took us to a few local vineyards. The wine and scenery is beautiful and Scott was an excellent guide as made the day as much as the vineyards did!

    The historic building is amazing and it is fantastic that they have free tours. The views from the tower are stunning and the clock mechanism very well displayed.

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    This is an institution in Santa Barbara having been there for over 46 years. Great food and service with a fun atmosphere. It looks a bit like a fast food place from the outside but this certainly is not the case.

    Food is great quality and tasty. Atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed, like a coffee house. There are many selections for dinner and the organic items are listed so you knew what you were getting.

    It was such a delight. Simple decor, the service was wonderful and the food far surpassed my expectations. My entire meal was delicious.

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    Just chill at the Santa Barbara Waterfront

    It has so much to offer including great walkways, sports areas, wonderful water views and fun restaurants.

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