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    A true pirate museum! Based around the ship Whydah and her treasures, the exhibitions are truly astounding, especially for the young maties(the boys) who had a fantastic time

    We had a morning of fun here, lazing in the sun and swimming. The water was nice and clear and the dunes looked great.

    We hired bikes for a day of riding around the beautiful bike lanes in the area, especially around the ponds and past the airport. A great day enjoyed by all.

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    Casual and cosy, this was quite hidden away! We all enjoyed our meals and were lucky to get in without a reservation as it got quite busy - obviously it's a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

    There's something about homemade ice cream that makes it so much more enjoyable there are a lot of different flavours - even alcoholic ones for adults! We all enjoyed our ice creams while walking along the MacMillan Pier.

    A lovely place with fantastic views, it was interesting to learn about the storms that have battered the shops in the past - I guess there's good and bad points to being so close to the water. The menu was full of delicious food, as well as the great kid's menu, much to the delight of the boys.

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    Commercial Street

    The downtown center is a great boutique shopping experience. Take a walk and explore the many unique shops in the area.

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