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    23 Bed & breakfasts in Colorado

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    What a lovely park! Huge trees, grass areas and a good walking track along the Arkansas River. A couple of open air restaurants can be found nearby which overlook the river.

    This is a great welcome center that has a really well done history museum. A nice place to learn about the area and its history. Worth stopping in and taking a look.

    A little 2 compartment train that takes you to the pikes peak at 14100 ft.
    The views from the summit are breath taking. The ride took approx 1hr each way with a 40 min stop at the top.

    This is a very interactive zoo and quite unique. It is always clean, good prices and a lot of wonderful happy animals.

    Brilliant red rock structures jetting out of the ground and many trails to choose from. The visitor center is nice and you can get an idea of the park has to offer. It's free to enter the park.

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    A truly great pub serving very good food. This place is not to be missed. The service is friendly and informative.

    A nice place serving authentic Cajun food. Service is excellent and they have a pretty decent wine list.

    This place had everything, extensive wine list, creative cocktails and great food. The service was friendly and professional.

    Great selection of Colorado beer and really good burgers. I was there for Sunday football, great service and lots of TVs so you don't miss anything or feel crowded.

    The ingredients used are fresh and often seasonal and local. The preparation is brilliant. The service was not as good as the food.

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    Try and climb the Manitou Springs Incline

    Think of the highest flight of stairs you ever saw then multiply it times 100. It's a lot harder than you think but the view at the top is worth it.

    Discover Red Rock Canyon

    This area doesn't have the same "wow factor" as Garden of the Gods, but the scenery is still great. The trails are well marked, and it isn't crowded.

    Sled for free at Carter Park

    Great little public park about 5 blocks east of Main Street. It has a wonderful sledding hill with mountain views. The hill is walk up only but there is a nice path. There are picnic tables and bathrooms at the bottom if needed.

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