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    Breckenridge Welcome Center

    This is a great welcome center that has a really well done history museum. A nice place to learn about the area and its history. Worth stopping in and taking a look.

    Everyone can take a ride up the mountain on this free gondola, even non-skiers. Once at the top there is a good restaurant with outdoor seating where you can watch the skiers coming down the mountain.

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    Great selection of Colorado beer and really good burgers. I was there for Sunday football, great service and lots of TVs so you don't miss anything or feel crowded.

    I loved everything about this restaurant. The atmosphere was warm and intimate, the food was magnificent, but what made the dining experience so memorable was the pair of lovely sisters who own this gem.

    The food was delicious and the ambiance was comfortable. The staff goes out of its way to ensure your experience is perfect. Very busy so must book.

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    Sled for free at Carter Park

    Great little public park about 5 blocks east of Main Street. It has a wonderful sledding hill with mountain views. The hill is walk up only but there is a nice path. There are picnic tables and bathrooms at the bottom if needed.

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