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    Manitou Springs

    2 Bed & breakfasts in Manitou Springs

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    A little 2 compartment train that takes you to the pikes peak at 14100 ft.
    The views from the summit are breath taking. The ride took approx 1hr each way with a 40 min stop at the top.

    I had not played pinball or for years. What great fun! And the games were only a quarter - the same price they were all those years ago.

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    This place had everything, extensive wine list, creative cocktails and great food. The service was friendly and professional.

    Wonderful location in the middle of Manitou Springs on the main road. Laid back with a good selection of craft beers. The food is very tasty too.

    The custard cones were good and the prices great. All fresh ingredients. There is a nice spot behind Colorado Custard to sit in the shade of trees with a great view of the mountains.

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    Try and climb the Manitou Springs Incline

    Think of the highest flight of stairs you ever saw then multiply it times 100. It's a lot harder than you think but the view at the top is worth it.

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