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    Washington National Cathedral

    This Gothic-style cathedral is the sixth largest in the world. A stunning piece of architecture with amazing gardens. It's a wee way from town but well worth the trip.

    A must see monument, Old Abe sitting in somber silence. This monument was built to honor the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Of all the monuments I saw while in D.C., this by far was my favorite. The magnitude of this sculpture creates awe, and the view from the steps is breathtaking. If the cherry trees are in blossom, it is truly magical to be at the Lincoln Memorial.

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    Great little place with super food and big portions. The live music was fantastic and there was a great atmosphere. Very good cocktails.

    A lovely upscale steak house. Great food with a modest wine list. Outstanding service and a nice atmosphere.

    Found this place using Yelp after craving some good Mexican near the Smithsonian. Really tasty, great portion size for your dollar, and comes with a fantastic salsa bar! One tip for lunch is to give yourself plenty of time as the line was out the door - sign of good food!

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    Must visit the United States Botanic Garden

    This is one of the oldest indoor botanic garden in North America and is also a living plant museum. It's a vast garden and divided into different sections. The garden is uniquely amazing and educational for all ages.

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