Finger Lakes

    8 Bed & breakfasts in Finger Lakes

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    Genesee Country Village & Museum

    This place is awesome! It's a large area that seems to have been paused in time - especially with everyone dressed up and playing authentic games. We saw a civil war re-enactment and learnt all about the ways of the 1880s. There were many live demonstrations and the oldest brewery in the country.

    We went on a fantastic three hour trek here through woods and creeks. I rode a beautiful Palomino mare called Duchess. All of the horses are well looked after, happy and full of personality.

    Because Dave is the best person ever, we were lucky to get tickets to watch a day of the Ferrari Challenge! The 458 Italia is a beautiful car as it is - even better seeing it in race spec and hurtling round the track!

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    Formerly an old auto garage, Eatz likes to keep food natural and authentic. The Mozzarella Chicken was absolutely divine, big ups to Dave (my NY friend) for recommending it! If I lived there I would definitely be a regular!

    I love pizza. Who doesn't? It's obvious everyone here loves pizza too - every one is cooked to perfection with a generous helping of toppings. I opted for the "create your own" with chicken and bacon. Yum! Though I couldn't finish it there, the staff boxed it up and I had a fantastic breakfast the next day.

    I'm a sucker for places with cool names, so we wandered in here to have a look. As you may have guessed, they mainly cook barbecue food, and it's all delicious! I had the BBQ brisket sandwich, with smoked bacon and cheese... my mouth is watering just writing this.

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    The longest are the deepest

    Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake are two of the deepest lakes in the US, 133 and 188 meters deep respectively.