7 Bed & breakfasts in Savannah

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    Flannery O'Connor Childhood Home

    If you enjoy Flannery O'Connor's stories you should visit the home where she grew up. It is decorated in the period and it gives a very good insight into her childhood.

    The heritage Museum is a wonderful experience. It tells of the lives of the Gullah community who for generations harvested oysters in the Savannah area. After the factory closed down the museum was created to celebrate the lives of their ancestors.

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    Leopold's is an old fashioned ice cream parlour, just how you imagine it should be. It is hugely popular for good reason. There is always a line waiting to be served, but it moves quickly. The ice-cream is excellent and good value.

    Vic's on the River has a beautiful atmosphere. I can't rave about the meal, I think they are trading on their reputation. The meal was OK, but you can certainly enjoy yourself just soaking up the atmosphere.

    A really quality place. The menu is excellent, great atmosphere.

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    Largest National Historic Landmark District in USA

    Downtown Savannah is one of the largest National Historic Landmerk Districts in all of America.