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    What a privilege to see details of Muhammad Ali's life. I am not a boxing fan, but the man is a great American. I was pleased to be able to learn in more detail of his civil rights involvement, and his shameful treatment in the Vietnam war era.

    This was my favorite place I went to in Louisville, KY. A great place to take kids or go on a family vacation. My younger brother was still interested at age 12 and the "olds" enjoyed it too. Make sure to check out the personalized bats they offer. You can take one home as a souvenir. Watching how they make the bats is the best part of the whole gig!

    The cemetery is more like a park. Beautifully maintained, very attractive and peaceful. It is worth spending an hour or two here, because it is a very relaxing history lesson.

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    This place is very popular, so I suggest you have breakfast there on a weekday so that you don't have to cope with the crowds on the weekend.Excellent omelettes, great coffee.

    Hammerheads is real gem. Tucked away in a residential neighbourhood, it appears a rough little place. but it is a perfect neighbourhood pub. It is quite small, but doesn't feel too crowded. The food is great.

    Jack Fry's is very popular and I can see why, but I don't think I can have been in the right mood when I went there. The meal was fine, but I found the restaurant a bit to cramped and noisy. Maybe if I go at a quieter time it will appeal more.

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    Home of the Louisville Slugger

    The famous American baseball bat company started here in Louisville, Kentucky. A museum dedicated to the Louisville Slugger as well as the Factory are open to the public with the price of admission.