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    We took the Nature Cruise around here, and saw seals, birds and an eagle. The lighthouse is often called the ugliest lighthouse in Maine, though I thought it was beautiful. The brick tower (built in 1875) is built into the middle of the a wooden house that belongs to the keeper.

    I tried to overcome my fear of heights for a day and took a guided ascent into rock climbing. Our guide was great, and even though I was terrified, he made me feel safe and I ended up having a great time.

    $14 each for 26 holes! This was a great afternoon activity around a stunningly kept miniature golf course. The whole place has a pirate theme that was entertaining, amusing and at times challenging for those as uncoordinated as I am! We all had an awesome time.

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    I must admit I choose a lot of places solely on their appearance. When I saw the Black Friar, I had to at least have a look around the beautiful building, built with wood from the old era mansions that used to line the streets. We popped in for a beer and ended up staying for dinner. The "drunken burger" was mouth-watering with cheddar and apple smoked bacon.

    It's not often I find myself eating at the same place that Obama has. Ok, that was the first time. There are so many interesting flavours - Nutella, Vietnamese coffee, Moscow mule, blueberry sour cream... I must admit we went back more than once.

    We missed out on this one one night as we forgot to book and they were full. Luckily we learnt from our mistake and found ourselves the next night enjoying the beautiful French and Mediterranean meals available. I'd never had duck before, and was surprised that I liked it so much. Combined with sorbet for dessert, it was definitely a great night.

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    Info on Bar Harbour

    If you need any information at all on Bar Harbour use this local website - it gave us heaps of info that we might not have otherwise found out!

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    Something not surprising

    With its stunning beauty, forest and mountain background, elegant coastline and stunning shores, it's no wonder that Bar Harbor was originally called Eden.