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    Great place to go and watch the sunrise! Very peaceful, right by the sea. We took a picnic for lunch but will be back to watch the sun come up next year!

    Lovely lovely place and very delicious chocolates and sweets. Candy heaven!! Highly recommend as even just going into the shop is an experience!

    Chandler Hovey Park and Marblehead Lighthouse

    The lighthouse is very lovely and there are lots of benches to sit down and watch the boats passing by and listen to the sounds of the sea! Great place!

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    Such a lovely place right by the water! Great food and the seafood is really fresh! We can't recommend this place enough!

    Fresh, tasty, authentic Vietnamese food in a relaxed and cozy setting. All the traditional choices you'd expect - pho, banh mi, spring rolls - plus more. Beer and wine is also available.

    Awesome pizza! So good and so fresh! BRILLIANT place to try!!

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    The Birthplace of the United States Navy

    Sailors from Marblehead played a crucial role in the American War of Independence and are considered to be the predecessors of the United States Navy. Among their many notable achievements, it was sailors from Marblehead who ferried George Washington in his famous crossing of the Delaware River.