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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Nebraska

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    Lincoln Children's Museum

    A great museum with three floors of hands-on exhibits for kids. The range is huge and it's easy to spend half a day there. Not expensive.

    A great place to take a walk and enjoy great views. The fountains and flowers are wonderful. Enjoy a small, unique spot in Lincoln.

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    Lazlos Brewery & Grill

    Food was very good definitely worth a return trip. The beer was great. Local brewery (Empyrean Brewing) has a great selection of beers. I try and stay away from the national brands and try the local stuff.

    Amazing French restaurant, I was told probably the best restaurant in Lincoln. Extensive wine list, the service is incredible, very nice atmosphere. Will definitely come back.

    Local food, local owner who really cares. A bistro sort of menu with very eclectic items that are amazing. This place rocks and love the fact that the owner is out the back cooking!

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    Visit the Pioneer Park and Nature Center

    Very nice city park with varying things to do and see. The wildlife, monuments, amphitheater, playground and native vegetation are nice and interesting.

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