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    New Hampshire

    19 Bed & breakfasts in New Hampshire

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    Mt Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Centre

    Take the cog railway or drive or hike to the summit to experience this interactive museum. The staff are great and there are hands on weather exhibits. You will learn a lot and be amazed at the science of meteorology.

    What an experience. The gorge is beautiful. The track and boardwalk are well maintained, and the caves are absolutely thrilling. Great adventure for any age, as long as you are reasonably agile. Fair price at $14pp

    There are a variety of reviews of the toy museum, many of them not complimentary. The relate to the personality of the proprietors. In fact the museum is very good, and the proprietors are friendly and outgoing if they don't have to worry about over-indulged children ruining their displays. Well worth a visit.

    Newfound lake must be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Crystal clear, refreshingly cool (cold), Lovely beaches. it is the perfect summer spot. XShame about the jetskis

    The Zipline is a really amazing experience, with a range of ziplines and suspension bridges. An adrenaline filled trip.

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    Susty's Vegan Cafe is great. Good food, presented like a real cafe, not like so many vegan cafes

    The pizza here is always great! I always have a pepperoni pizza where ever I go and this one was delicious - great place!

    Top notch food, service and ambiance! Fresh food very reasonable prices - great place!

    Pizza and subs are delicious. You def can't go wrong with seriously good pizza! Go it's worth it and good value for money.

    Soup and sandwichs galore! This place is brilliant and a lovely health shop there too. Great place!

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    Lots to do at Hampton Beach

    If you like to be busy, mingling with the crowds, shopping etc Hampton Beach is for you. It feels frantic, and that is how a lot of people like it

    A Skiing Mecca

    North Conway is a great place for skiing. With seven alpine and eight downhill ski areas around the town.


    We didn't have time but apparently Profile Falls on the Smith River is worth visiting!

    Getting to Bethlehem

    Bethlehem is nestled in the beautiful white mountains. The drive to get there is just beautiful!

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