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    New Jersey

    19 Bed & breakfasts in New Jersey

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    Fantasy Island Amusement Park

    It is a small but fun amusement park with rides for kids of all ages. There is also a games arcade which is open all year round.

    This museum displays the history of what once was in Atlantic City. It's located at the northern end of the boardwalk. Its free to enter and it is done very well.

    This is a very pretty church with a nice view of Spring Lake. It was built by a father in 1900 in his daughter's memory.

    You climb about 120 steps to get to the top but its well worth it, the view is great. The man at the top will give you the history of the tower and its use and purpose during WWII. Admission is $6.

    Quaint little fishing village with nice shops. They sell anything from antiques to candy. If you are looking for something to do, wander around Viking Village. You can also book a tour of the village if you like.

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    Mario's is so much more than a pizza joint. It's solid, very good-tasting Italian fare at a reasonable price. Comfortable decor and lovely staff.

    Lovely deli with excellent quality food and a range of take out options. Not cheap, but good value for what you're getting and always very fresh.

    The meals are tapas style, but the portions are very generous for a tapas style restaurant. Wine selection is good, with plenty of Spanish wines to choose from.

    Bistro by The Beach is a hidden treasure in Spring Lake. The food is excellent. The chef puts a twist on familiar dishes and makes them outstanding. They use seasonal ingredients to make all dishes special. The service is excellent and very accommodating.

    The location for this restaurant is terrific, as it is near the Barnegat Lighthouse and of course very close to the docks where fish is caught every day. They offer a good basic menu and always have a variety of appetizer and entree specials. Great food and service.

    Traveller Tips

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    Explore Washington Ave. Beach

    Beautiful, clean beach. You don't have to walk a mile or more to get there. The beach is close to the boardwalk with beautiful homes and nice places to eat.

    See the birds at The Meadows

    This is a Nature Conservancy property on the ocean with hiking trails.The beach area is a nesting area for a number of endangered birds such as Piping Plovers and Least Terns.

    Visit Schooner's Wharf

    This place looks like a fishing village with a big schooner in front. The ship is actually a replica of the Lucy Evelyn which burned in 1978. The wharf is the home of several casual restaurants as well as some great shopping locations.

    Check out A La Carte

    This is thought to be one of the most unusual and trendy gift shops in the country. Located in Viking Village it's worth a look, even just to window shop.

    Take the kids to Altman Playground

    Behind the lighthouse is an up to date fenced in playground, with 2 play structures, a good 5 slides, and swings. There are tennis and basketball courts as well. There is a also a nice bathroom facility there.

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