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    Atlantic City Historical Museum

    This museum displays the history of what once was in Atlantic City. It's located at the northern end of the boardwalk. Its free to enter and it is done very well.

    This is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey. The lighthouse looks very good. Grounds aren't big but clean and fenced. It's open only within the operating hours. The location is in a poor and rundown neighborhood, not far from the boardwalk.

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    The meals are tapas style, but the portions are very generous for a tapas style restaurant. Wine selection is good, with plenty of Spanish wines to choose from.

    Chef Vola's is a true Italian treat. Difficult to find and difficult to get a reservation but worth every bit of the effort. A great family business that produces consistently excellent meals and service.

    Cafe 2825 has it all - excellent service, cleanliness, high quality food, atmosphere, and value. From the time I sat down, I experienced all of this and more.

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    Take the kids to Altman Playground

    Behind the lighthouse is an up to date fenced in playground, with 2 play structures, a good 5 slides, and swings. There are tennis and basketball courts as well. There is a also a nice bathroom facility there.

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