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    Barnegat Light

    1 Bed & breakfast in Barnegat Light

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    Quaint little fishing village with nice shops. They sell anything from antiques to candy. If you are looking for something to do, wander around Viking Village. You can also book a tour of the village if you like.

    The Barnegat Lighthouse, pier and rocks are an enjoyable way to spend the day. The state park is free, with plenty of parking and there are great views from the top of the lighthouse.

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    The location for this restaurant is terrific, as it is near the Barnegat Lighthouse and of course very close to the docks where fish is caught every day. They offer a good basic menu and always have a variety of appetizer and entree specials. Great food and service.

    This place does some of the best seafood I've ever had. It's really busy so the wait for your takeout can be an hour, but so worth it.

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    Check out A La Carte

    This is thought to be one of the most unusual and trendy gift shops in the country. Located in Viking Village it's worth a look, even just to window shop.

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