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    New Mexico

    6 Bed & breakfasts in New Mexico

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    This is the world's longest aerial tram ride takes you 2.7 miles to the 10,000-foot peak of the Sandia Mountains. The view is spectacular there are many walking trails.

    The dawn glow show is fabulous but you have to get there very early. It's truly an amazing experience. Great food with many options to chose from. Well worth attending!

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    Intimate French restaurant with healthy freshly cooked food. The service is first class and the decor is worn but comfy.

    All of the food is really good, everything coming out of the bakery is fresh and tasty with high quality ingredients. The prices are quite high but worth it. It's insanely busy so be prepared to queue.

    The place is really cute. Great atmosphere although it is pretty small inside but has a large outdoor patio. The food is amazing especially the pizza. The staff are very friendly and welcoming.

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    Visit Elena Gallegos Park

    There are miles and miles of trails in this open space. Most of the trails are easy hiking. If you go for a long hike I highly recommend a map.

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